Schmittzehe & Partners is a unique, boutique Asia-focused management consultancy providing strategy, implementation and investment services to companies, non-commercial organisations and financial investors working closely with clients from offices across continents.

What we do

We are an Asia-focused management consultancy, with a commitment to providing excellence and practical solutions. We help our clients solve complicated business problems by distilling practical business insights and solutions, and then implementing them. This can apply to clients looking to invest into Asia, from Asia, or looking to grow or improve the performance of their existing activities.

Our team of seasoned, high-calibre, Asia-business professionals have assisted clients from around the world, be they leading multinational or smaller corporate clients, non-commercial organizations, or financial investors such as private equity or hedge funds.

Originally founded as a China-focused consultancy in 2005, we have grown to now cover the broader Asia region, while maintaining our recognized Greater China expertise.

Based on our team's strong functional experience, deep Asia expertise and international capabilities, we offer high-value services organised into three practice areas:

We are not confined by service or sector silos. We believe strongly in the benefits of our cross-functional and cross-sectorial approach, with our team members transferring synergies, relevant learnings and valuable best practice experience to our client’s assignments as a result.

Where we are

We operate from offices both in Europe and China, and affiliate offices worldwide.

How we work with our clients

We always put our clients first, seek to think from their perspective, and measure our success by their own. Our aim is to develop long-term, deep partner relationships with our clients which allows us to understand them better and hence deliver greater value. As a result, over 95% of our clients work with us repeatedly.

We prefer to work closely and in an interactive way with our clients, allowing us to adapt our work to client requirements as a project evolves. Long-term relationships with both clients and strategic partners are strongly valued. We aim to develop our business through favouring developing deeper relationships with fewer quality clients, over many shallower and shorter-term relationships. As a result our preference is to work as integral advisors and members of the client team rather than on an arm’s length basis. We recognize that the better we understand our clients and the closer we work with them the more we can add value which is our ultimate goal. This is assisted by our offices around the world.

We follow strict codes of practice, supported by clear operational processes and honour client requirements for confidentiality, while taking great care to avoid conflicts of interest. Last but not least, we take compliance seriously, and have strict internal rules around this which we overlay with our clients’ own individual requirements.