what we look for

Our team members each bring their own individual experiences and perspectives, yet we all share an ability to see into the core of our client needs and the drive to realise our own potential and to foster the talent in the team around us. We pride ourselves on having a high level of operational experience in our team so we can stay focused on our clients’ practical needs, so whether you have previous management consultancy experience or not, if you have the right attitude and analytical abilities you could be leading a team at Schmittzehe & Partners.

At every level, above all, we look for certain key qualities:

Professionalism: Our team members take pride in their work. This shows in their commitment to their own self-development, curiosity in continuous learning, meticulous personal standards and passion to anticipate, understand and exceed client needs.

Leadership and Partnership: We look for team players, whose positive attitudes and proactive communication skills will continue to build our supportive team spirit. Our close team allows anyone who merits it to lead a project as soon as they are ready, which means we often support each other in different roles.

Innovative Intelligence: Our clients trust us to analyse their business issues and find them clear, practical solutions. In order to meet their expectations we rely on fast learners who enjoy solving complex problems, with strong academic profiles, lateral thinking and creative problem-solving skills. We look for candidates able to balance details with the big picture, be pragmatic and embrace change.

Dynamism: Given the broad scope of our expertise and services, we look for flexible self-starters who demonstrate a positive attitude, thrive on pressure and high-energy situations and who are action-oriented. We stay focused by considering the actionable implications of all our research and strategy.

Communication Skills: The nature of our work requires effective communication. We look for individuals who will be comfortable communicating with others, from operational to senior executive roles, from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. Strong spoken and written communication skills are key as are English as well as Asian language skills.