what we do: implementation

Not only do we assist clients develop strategies, drawing on our own commercial experience we also execute and operate these on the ground.

We act on behalf of our clients in a number of ways, such as:

Change & Project Management: We help clients successfully bring about often complex changes within their organization, providing project management support or facilitating the change process.

Execution & Interim Management: We execute strategies for our clients, actually implementing tasks for them. This can include a variety of activities such as establishing a new entity, business unit or production base, driving implementation of a go-to-market plan, leading the development of a new product or service through to realization; or, providing senior interim management services assisting transition situations and orchestrating a handover process whereby, as interim managers, we recruit and train permanent staff for our client.

Strategic Partnering: We assist our clients to put in place the right strategic partnerships. This could be distributors or franchisees, strategic suppliers, outsourced service providers, in-licensing or out-licensing or joint R&D partners. Having elicited the ideal selection criteria for a business partner, we perform an extensive partner search process moving from a long list to a short list of prioritized potential partners. We can then approach and structure partnerships, providing due diligence services along the way if necessary.

Business Development: We can become a client business development team, developing localized collateral, identifying prospects, approaching prospects and working through the sales funnel.

Hosting/ Representation: We act as a client’s presence in region. We provide an office in region as well as staff – down to as little as half a headcount – in a cost-effective, flexible and hassle-free way. This regional office is hosted within our own offices, and staff are employed through us.

Corporate Venturing: We are always on the lookout for promising businesses to grow into success. This could involve forming a joint venture with our client to develop a new growth opportunity. We take responsibility for management and set-up then operate the venture, later exiting and handing over the entity once we have achieved pre-agreed targets.

Please note precise timings depend on the size and complexity of the change. Table content © Deborah Delaney, reproduced with permission.