what we do: strategy

We guide our clients through to a winning growth or performance improvement strategy.

Our approach is tailored to each client’s needs. This may include leveraging our strong research capabilities to develop break-through insights into the market, undertaking in-depth analysis using a range of frameworks and analytical tools to derive conclusions from data, or developing out-of-the-box thinking from our experience, cross-sector approach and innovation. Such activities allow us to help define an optimal corporate or business unit strategy.

Iterative Strategy Development Process

Starting from researching our client’s individual needs, each reiteration of our strategy development process hones in closer to the unique solution right for our client.

We have assisted clients to develop a variety of effective strategies such as:

Market Entry & Growth: We help clients new to a given Asian market assess whether their target market is appropriate for them to enter and if so how best to do so. Increasingly however, our non-Asian clients are already operating in Asia and in some cases have had substantial operations there for some time. We help them, as well as Asian companies looking to expand, identify how to accelerate growth in market. We also assist Asian clients define strategies to enter or grow in markets beyond their home markets.

New Products & Services: We help to define new business opportunities, from identifying and evaluating opportunity markets, working with clients to develop potential new product or service concepts, to identifying appropriate target customer segments, developing optimal product or service positioning, pricing and go to market strategies.

Distribution Channels: We design or enhance distribution channel strategies.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management: Based on our clients’ needs we recommend where to locate manufacturing and design appropriate supply chains, or how to redesign the manufacturing and supply chain to take into account anticipated growth and evolutions in supply and demand. We always take into account anticipated growth or evolutions in supply and demand to ensure that our solutions last.

Market Research & Analysis: One of our key strengths as a business is our primary research and analytical capabilities, which form the basis of everything we do. We provide a full range of primary research services, be they quantitative or qualitative in nature, targeting a range of sources from consumers to senior executives. We then overlay this with analysis, such as market sizing and forecasting or the application of relevant frameworks, to deliver the necessary insights. Research can cover many fields, studying the market, customers, developing segmentation or benchmarking.

Performance Improvement: We provide clients with a third-party assessment of their performance and identify opportunities for improvement which may go beyond those already listed above. Creating organizations and processes which maximise value and get employees working cohesively at top performance is the key to fulfilling a company mission efficiently. As growth is achieved, organizations expand and processes creep creating inefficiencies, duplications and blurred lines of responsibility if left unchecked. We help to redesign structures and processes, creating opportunities for synergies and removing barriers to optimal performance.